Mental Health

We need your help to raise $25,000 this year. 

Mental Health for Immigrants and Refugees 

GK Folks mental health program is housed in Utah but serves local immigrants and African in diaspora. Our goal is to empower immigrants and Refugees to overcome the stigma of therapy shaming through advocacy and access to resources. Our signature awareness campaign will be held in the Fall of 2021. Partnering with R1 Researchers from the University of Utah, and local organizations, our efforts are focused on promoting whole-body health, mental health for some of our society’s most vulnerable populations. There appears to be a paucity in cognitive, psychological, and emotional support resources for Immigrants and refugees. And, due to cultural barriers, these immigrants are disproportionately affected by opportunity gaps in their  classrooms, place of work, and communities at large. 

GK Folks Foundation Mental Health Programs is designed to support Immigrants: 

    • Realize their full potential
    • Cope with the stress of life
    • Work Productively
    • Make meaningful contributions to their communities


    GK Folks Foundation is a non-profit organization providing MENTAL HEALTH, EDUCATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP resources to African immigrants and refugees in the diaspora while enlightening people about Africa’s rich and diverse cultures.