GK Folks Konnect Mentorship

Welcome to GK Folks Konnect
An inter-network Mentorship Program
Together we can revolutionize Africa, one youth leader at a time.

Potential Taglines

Building Future Achievers
Mentorship that Matters
Creating the next Immigrant Leader

Program Mission:
GK Folks Konnect is a mentorship program designed to leverage the skills and abilities of a diverse group of community leaders, and development advocates who have pledged to serve as coaches, and are committed to serving African youth in a diaspora. Within this program, GK Folks Achievers are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach whose values and goals are closely aligned to theirs as they set out to achieve educational and, or career goals.

Program Format
GK Folks Konnect is a seven (7) week Leadership Training program. It is facilitated by educational and career experts coming from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Each Achiever will engage in cohort-based learning to develop the skills of critical thinking, articulation, and problem-solving. Their abilities to think on their feet, take risks and devise strategies to tackle real-life scenarios as experienced in the workplace will be challenged in an assimilated environment.

  • Program Logistics
    GK Folks Konnect will occur twice a year – Spring and Fall. The Spring Semester runs from February- May and Fall from October to December.
  • Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:00AM-11:30AM
  • Conference style set-up within Libraries, or College Classroom
  • For all our local coaches, scheduled time, dates & locations will typically be provided one month in advance
  • For remote coaches (residing in another state) we will provide technical support for you to facilitate your session via Teams, Zoom or Skype.
  • Program curriculum is formulated with firsthand decision-making experiences presented as case studies; these are drawn from diverse professional/technical backgrounds including Higher Education, Healthcare, IT, Business, Leadership, Construction, Engineering, etc.

GK Folks Konnect: Overview & Recommendations for Coaches

  • You will be invited to facilitate a 45mins – 1hour session once per year (remote or in-person but preferably in person)
  • You will be assigned one Achiever per session and possibly two per year (Spring/Fall)
  • You will be featured on the Foundation’s website. A short bio and headshot will be required. For your safety, your contact information will not be publicly shared on the website.
  • Achiever to gain access to phone number and email address
  • You should plan to serve for a period of one-year. However, you can serve as a lifelong coach, or opt out anytime after your first year.
  • collaborate with achiever to create individual plans for professional or academic goals
  • Achievers are required to connect with you once per month. You are strongly encouraged to respond to their inquiry (via phone, email or in-person)
    GK Folks Konnect Team will check in with you on a quarterly basis to evaluate progress with your Achievers. Please make a special effort to respond
  • When meeting with your Achiever, you should clearly communicate meeting location, times, date as well as nature of meeting (office, restaurant, coffee shop etcl * you are not expected to pay for any cost but you have the option to
  • Connect Achiever with other resources that might be helpful
  • Work closely with Gk Folks _Connect Team to resolve any questions or concerns
  • Make an effort to respond to Achiever’s requests (phone/email) within 48 hours

Quarterly Check-In : The purpose of this check-in is to generate a yearly report to be presented at the Annual End of Year Board of Directors Meeting. We believe it is essential to effectively conduct program evaluations on a regular basis. We are committed to program development and will continue to be respectful of your time and efforts.

GK Folks Konnect: Overview and Guidelines for Achievers


  • Gain cutting edge leadership experiences
  • Enjoy exclusive access to successful leaders/professionals
  • Empower yourself through target learning, practice, and employment promotion
  • Obtain a Certificate of completion from a highly endorsed program
  • Participate in a formal Graduation Ceremony
    Get matched with a mentor to leverage one-on-one coaching
  • Recognized at the Miss Africa Utah Grand Finale
  • Photo and Bio featured on GK Folks Webpage


  • Achievers are expected to attend & participate in all seven (7) classes
  • Two (2) or more unexcused absences warrants incompletion and Achievers must re-enroll in the following session (i.e. Fall Cohort).